High Adventure Treks

Looking for adventure beyond what traditional summer camp offers?

Time to Trek!
All Treks are designed to be done as a provisional camper. Hitch a ride with your troop to Camp Hinds and then spend the week pushing your limits with our trekking staff. 

Fees: Cost for weeklong treks is $445.00 early bird and $495.00 after April 28th.  Rouse Island Overnight is $150.00 early bird and $175.00 after April 28th.

Sign-up and More Info:  http://scoutingevent.com/218-2018PTCTreks

Moose River Canoe Trek: 
A perfect trek for Scouts new to High Adventure. This 50 miler features pond and river paddling, a few brief portages, and Class I-II rips. Cap off your trek with an included day of whitewater rafting on the Kennebec River!
Casco Bay Sea Kayak Trek: 
Explore at least 50 miles of the Southern Maine coast by kayak! You'll see wildlife, lighthouses, and plenty of islands along the way. This trek offers the potential for additional mileage for more adventurous paddlers.
Appalachian Trail Backpacking Trek: 
Hike 50 of the most remote miles of the Appalachian Trail with everything you need on your back! This is the most challenging trek we offer. Experience the beauty of Maine's mountains and forests.
Western Lakes Canoe Trek: 
Paddle 50 miles by canoe in the western lakes of Maine. Watch for migratory birds as we explore the shores of wildlife refuges and state parks. This trek also includes a day of whitewater rafting on the Rapid River.
Muscongus Bay Sea Kayak Trek: 
Paddle a 50 miler along a remote and beautiful stretch of the Maine coast! Keep an eye out for wildlife as we island-hop through the Bay. This trek also offers the potential for additional mileage for more adventurous paddlers.
Rouse Island Overnight: 
Add a weekend of adventure to your week at camp! This sea kayaking trip includes a day of learning the basics on Panther Pond, a day of paddling down the Kennebec River, and an overnight on the Rouse Island Outpost, our 1.3 acre wooded island located near the mouth of the Kennebec River and Casco Bay. Finish the trip on Sunday by surfing your kayak onto Popham Beach.

Last Update: February 26, 2018