Traditional Scout Program
The traditional program is the best option for returning and older Scouts that want to take merit badges.  It encompasses a week of activity that is good for advancement, involves time for popular summer favorites and allows Scouts to enjoy some free time to spend with their unit to do some troop-led activities.

In the morning following breakfast, Scouts can attend up to three merit badges or specialized skill classes offered in several different topics like aquatics, crafts, nature, shooting, and more.  The morning program is designed to help in advancement and to expand on Scout skills and new interests. 

In the afternoon, troops will work together in activities all over camp helping to build teamwork and allow Scouts to see other parts of the camp. 

On Friday we will have the Camp Wide Event, which is a challenge type program where troop members are encouraged to work together to gain points or race against the clock in order to beat the other troops staying in camp. 

Each afternoon will end with some open area time where Scouts can return to a favorite activity or try something new! 

Evenings at Camp Hinds include merit badges, specialty program and events, campfires and open areas.  With different activities every night, Scouts have plenty to do or they might choose to play a game of chess or hang at their campsite!

Most of our special programs like SCUBA are limited to one or two weeks. We recommend Scouts who want to participate in these activities join the provisional group if their troop is not coming on the specific week of a specialty program. We also give a discount to Scouts that attend camp for more than one week.

Merit Badge Offerings & Selection
For 2020, we are offering nearly 60 different badges and classes in our traditional program.  Scouts and Scoutmasters should have a meeting to decide the right badges for their Scouts.  It is important that badge selection is carefully thought through; a Scout may have the impression that they may want to take a certain badge but it may not be the right fit for that year.

Age Restrictions and Prerequisites
Many of the badges in our directory have age restrictions that have been placed on them to make sure that the maturity level and educational skill are appropriate for the material that comes with the badge. Many merit badges have prerequisites that need to be completed prior to camp.  It is important to look over the prerequisites in this guide and make sure that Scouts have the appropriate qualifications and materials needed to successfully complete the badge at camp. 


Last Update: February 29, 2020