Early 2020

       Be aware of the Camp fee payment scheduled and the Council refund policy.

       Schedule a parents’ night to promote and explain summer camp.

       Talk with Webelos who will cross over into your troop about going to camp.

       Choose the week you wish to attend camp and reserve your week and campsite with Pine Tree Council – (207) 797-5252

       Send in deposits for Scouts and Leaders going to camp.

       Provide campership information for Scouts in need.

       Provide provisional camper information for Scouts unable to go to camp with your troop.

       Share this Leaders’ Guide with all unit leaders, including your SPL.

       Review with your Scouts the program available at Camp Hinds this summer.

       Make parents aware of summer camp dates and the required BSA Health Forms


Join us at your District Roundtables to get your camp questions answered.  Look for an announcement in Pine Spills.

March 15th, 2020

Campership Application Deadline

April 2020

Arrange for two-deep 21+ year old adult leadership to cover your troop at camp

April 1st, 2020

Deposit payment of $25 per Scout due to reserve spot for 2020. Payments can be done through the online platform or via paper form.

April/May 2020

       The unit leader and SPL should begin the program planning for camp. 

       Review with Scouts the merit badges available at camp.  Counsel Scouts on the appropriate merit badges and prerequisites.

       SPLs should discuss with their troop the afternoon activities and other programming opportunities available.  After considering your goals, patrol organization, individual wants, and advancement needs, develop a realistic list of objectives for summer camp.

       Follow up on the Scouts not signed up for camp and sell them and their parents on going because of the program you have planned.

April 24, 2020

Early Bird Deadline!

Confirm the number of Scouts and Adults attending camp with Council.

May 30th - 2:00pm

Attend the camp program kick-off meetings to be held at camp.

Saturday May 30th - 2:00pm

30 Days Prior to Troop Coming to Camp Hinds

       Finalize plans, shake down equipment, leadership, and transportation

       Make final payments to Council (bring receipts to camp!)

       Review merit badge online sign-up or forms for all campers

       Collect and review BSA Health Forms for accuracy and completeness

       Prepare gear for Wednesday cookout meal in campsite

       Arrange for emergency funds

At Least Two Weeks Prior to your arrival!

Mail photocopies of all current BSA Health Forms and Advancement Registration

materials (if not done online) to Camp Hinds.  Mail Forms Directly To Camp Hinds At:

     Camp Hinds

     146 Plains Road

      Raymond, ME  04071

1:00 PM

Sunday of your


       Meet at Tabor Retreat at 1:00 PM for Scoutmaster & SPL Orientation

       Bring two copies of your Troop Roster

       Bring photocopies of all current BSA Health Forms.

       Bring advancement registration materials (if not done online)

       Bring  troop activity requests if not sent in.


Last Update: February 29, 2020