Older Boy Activities - 2016
If your Scout is 13 years or older, they can participate in unique afternoon programs that are focused on a specific subject like water, sports or recreational challenges.  Space is limited for all programs.  Scouts should plan on attending every day that their activity is offered.
COPE  (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience)
(4 days) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Our “Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience” program is designed to challenge you both mentally and physically.  The program consists of teambuilding activities on the ground, the low course (elements 6ft in height) and the high course (elements 20ft in height).  Based upon the values of teamwork and “challenge by choice”, no one is forced to do a task they do not wish to undertake.  Participants will earn the COPE “knot” after completion of the course. 

$20 Program fee

Water Skiing Experience
(2 days) Monday & Tuesday or Wednesday & Thursday

Scouts will begin working on the requirements for Water Sports Merit Badge Instruction and activities for the badge are expected to last all afternoon on both days. Participants must be classified as Swimmers and have Swimming MB. 

$30 Program fee

Sailing Experience
(2 days)  Monday & Tuesday OR Wednesday & Thursday

Love to sail or looking to refine your skills?  How about an afternoon of sailing on Panther Pond?  Participants must be Swimmers, but do not need to have prior sailing experience.  Course will vary according to the experience of participants.  For Scouts interested in earning the merit badge there will be an extra session on Wednesday evening to cover the non-sailing requirements. 

Pistol Experience
10 hours, held mornings

If you are 14 or older (and entering or in high school), join us in our newest shooting sport - the Pilot Pistol Program.  Participants will work closely with range officers to learn safe handling, and proper pistol shooting techniques.  We will be offering a sessions Period 1 & Period 2 and a session Period 2 & Period 3.  More information is in the Specialty Program section

$30 Program fee


Ever wonder how metal was forged and formed into tools in the pioneering times?  Well now you can experience it firrst hand at our new blacksmithing hut.  Learn the process and form your own arrowheads by hand.  This id for boys 13 years old and up or for Scoutmasters to come and try their hand at a new art.

Owl Prowl

Join our nature department for an early (2:00am) owl prowl.  Participants will hike to a location on camp to sit quietly and observe the movements of owls as they hunt for food and care for their young.  This is an activity for second year Scouts and up.  Must be comfortable sitting in the dark and observing quietly.

Full Week-Afternoon Program Weeks 3, 4, and 5

Want to explore the world beneath the waves? The SCUBA program at Hinds will take any Scout or adult to new depths in a new experience that will give them several rewards including the Scuba BSA Award, Scuba Diving Merit Badge and the NAUI Certification.  More information is in the Specialty Program section.

$405 Program fee

The Sons of Daniel Boone Experience
(4 days) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

The “Sons of Daniel Boone” was a youth program developed by Dan Beard in 1905 based on the life of the American frontiersman. When Dan Beard joined the Boy Scouts of America in 1910, he merged his group into the BSA.  Now you can relive the times of the frontiersmen.  This program is designed for older boys who want to advance their outdoor skills. The program teaches skills for long term outdoor adventures.  Scouts who participate in the program will learn skills such as how to make a fire with nothing but some string, sticks and whatever they can pick up from the ground; how to catch and find food to eat in the wild and how to cook it. Scouts will also have the opportunity to make things like kuksas, spoons, fishing hooks, fishing nets, and much more.


In addition to the programs listed above the following merit badges are reserved for Scouts 13 years of age or older.

Camping MB
Citizenship in the Community MB
Citizenship in the Nation MB
Citizenship in the World MB
Climbing MB
Communication MB
Environmental Science MB
Motorboating MB
Personal Management MB
Robotics MB
Shotgun Shooting MB
Small Boating Sailing MB
Water Sports MB

Last Update: March 11, 2016