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With a diverse program, Camp William Hinds has something to challenge every Scout of any age and of any interest.

...For the Scout who is new to the Boy Scout program we recommend our Polaris (First Year) program. This exciting program introduces the new Scout to the opportunities in Scouting and the thrill of summer camp. Scouts will complete many Tenderfoot to First Class rank requirements as well as earning their first merit badges.

… In our Traditional Summer Camp Program, Scouts who are in the middle of their Scouting career can earn merit badges, gain leadership skills, build troop unity and develop advanced Scouting skills and experience.

...For the Older Scout, we have made several additions to our selection of badges and afternoon programming,

Camp Telephone & Address

Council Office Phone (prior to July 1st): (207) 797-5252

There is a phone located at camp for business and emergency use while camp is open, July 1st - August 19, 2016. The camp phone number is (207) 655-2739. 

Remember, there is no phone next to your son’s tent, so parent’s should only use this number in case of an emergency. 

We strongly encourage parents to keep their Scout’s cell phone at home & all leaders to keep their Scouts away from phones during the week.  Experience has taught us that this really helps with homesickness.  We also encourage parents to get the cell phone number of your troop’s leaders in case you need to get in touch.

Scouts enjoy receiving mail from home during their stay at camp!  We encourage you to write, but be sure to write early in the week as even though mail is delivered daily, sometimes it can take a day or two for mail to reach camp depending on your location. Each campsite has a mailbox in the Trading Post for mail and non-emergency messages! Leaders, please check your mailbox a couple of times each day for incoming mail and messages.  All emergency messages received in the camp office will be delivered immediately to the adult leadership of the Scout by the camp staff.

Mailing Address:
Scout’s Name
Scout’s Troop # and Campsite
Camp Hinds
146 Plains Road
Raymond, ME 04071


Download PDF of
Registration form
Merit Badge Registration
Our preferred method of registration is through our online portal located at  This can be done as soon as you register your troop.  If you are not ready at that time, you may log back in to sign Scouts up for specific merit badges at a later time.  Scoutmasters and Scouts in Provisional will be able to log in an add individuals to the roster, sign Scouts up for merit badges, select afternoon activities and sign older Scouts up for older boy programs.  Registration is a first come – first serve system and those who register early online will be given preference.  If internet access is an issue, please contact Council or camp (when in season). 

If registration must be done via mail, it is strongly suggested to send registrations in to Council no later than two weeks prior to camp.  Please note that registrations mailed in will not be addressed until staff arrives at the end of June.  Forms received late will be handled on your Sunday arrival day or Monday morning.

Scouts Daily Schedule Confirmation
If your unit has preregistered with us, leaders will get a copy of their Scouts’ signups at check-in on Sunday.  This will give them the opportunity to make a final check of what their Scouts are enrolled in and make final changes or correct errors.  To save paper and confusion with multiple revisions, the office staff will provide you with master and individual schedule printouts for leaders and Scouts.

If you find problems with Scout schedules, please come to the camp office.  Changes can be made before 5PM on Sunday or at 8:00AM on Monday.

Class Operation
When leaders receive their proof copies on Sunday, they may notice blank and moved slots in Scouts schedules.  While we do what is possible to accommodate your Scouts’ requests, they may not always get what they signed up for.  Some classes have size limits that are dependent on equipment; other cannot operate when there are too few people because of youth protection guidelines.  Scouts may need to be moved to a different time slot of a particular activity to offset large differences in class sizes. 
Additional Equipment
Some merit badges require special equipment (fishing reel, musical instrument, etc.)  While the camp has some equipment, a Scout will increase his learning opportunities by bringing his own from home.  Please label any items brought from home.  The camp is not be responsible for lost or damaged items.

Merit badge pamphlets may be required for a class.  We recommend that Scouts utilize their troop library or purchase them from the Pine Tree Scout Shop ahead of time.  There is a selection of merit badge pamphlets at the Trading Post, but only in limited quantities.

Camp Hinds uses a camp version of the blue cards to record all work done in camp.  Leaders will be able to pick up copies of the Camp Hinds merit badge sheets for their Scouts on Friday afternoon after 3pm.  Completed merit badges will be recorded and kept in the records at Camp Hinds.  If you are missing paperwork, please contact the camp office before August 21st.  After camp please contact the Pine Tree Council Offices at 207 797 5252 ext. 33 to request any copies of missing merit badge paperwork from the summer.
Advancement Partials vs Completes (Pre-campWork)
Many merit badges, including most of the Eagle required ones, have requirements that Scouts must complete before attending summer camp.  If those requirements are not completed or the Scout does not bring documentation that the requirements were completed, the Scout will go home with a partial.

Most of the badges we offer are completable, however due there may be some requirements that need to be taken care of prior to camp. Before coming to camp please have the Scouts look at the prerequisites to see what assignments they will need to address before arriving to camp.  Other reasons why Scouts may not complete their badge is if they are absent or late for a class and missed a requirement. If they are sick for a class they will need to make up the lost time.  If your Scout has a disability it is important that they, or a leader, comes in to set up a plan so that they can complete all work. We will help with accommodations that may be limiting or difficult to a person with a learning or physical disability.

Getting Partials, or Finishing Them
Partials are given when a Scout does not complete the pre-requisites before camp, is absent from class, their work is not passed in, or the work is not to expectations within reason.  Staff will try to inform Leaders if their Scouts are having trouble completing the required work.  It is important for Leaders to check with Scouts throughout the week to make sure their assignments in and out of class are being completed.  Staff is prepared to work one-on-one with a Scout in the afternoon or evening if they need extra time or extra help. If the week is over and requirements are left undone the paper work will reflect a partial so that they may come back and finish only what was not completed to a Counselor in their troop or at another week or season of camp.

If a Scout does take advantage of another week or comes back for another season they must bring a copy of the paperwork that was released at the end of their original week to the makeup counselor. Hinds does keep records up to a certain date but if paperwork is lost by the unit we cannot guarantee that we can recall the records quickly or at all (they are stored off campus) after a season is completed.

If a partial is to be completed after camp, you will need to find a local MB council to sign off on their paperwork (talk to your Scoutmaster or Troop Advancement Person).

Evenings At Camp Hinds

There is something for everyone in the evenings at Camp Hinds.  Scouts may choose to take a merit badge and work on advancement.  Areas will be open for additional merit badge help or to stop by and do a favorite activity.  Scouts may come and go from one area to another with a buddy.  Areas open at 7:00 pm and close at 8:30 pm or dusk, depending on the area.  Each area will have special programs that they will be offering.  Check with your Senior Patrol Leader for more information.

Some Highlights
»   Tuesday night is theme night for dinner (Come as a zombie)
»   Tuesday Night Duty to God Service
»   New and exciting Opening and Closing Campfires with the Camp Hinds Staff
»   Scoutmaster Splash and Aquatic Games
»   New sports field events
»   Older Boy Black Powder Demo
»   Ice Cream Social for all campers new to Camp Hinds (new leaders, too!)
»   Older Boy “Night In” party with sports and the Climbing Wall

Weekly Activities

Camp Wide Event: You won’t want to miss this fun and friendly competition on Friday afternoon with this great way to build unity in your campsite.  Come join us for an afternoon of fun!  Senior Patrol Leaders will get more information at the SPL meetings!

Polar Bear Dip: Are you an early riser?  Say “hello” to the day – and our aquatics staff – by jumping into chilly water every morning for the Polar Bear Dip.  If you need a pick-me-up that coffee can’t supply, or are up for a crazy challenge, report to the waterfront at 6:30 am Monday through Friday where you will plunge, splash, or dip into Panther Pond.  For those brave enough to attend four mornings, the honor of being able to purchase the Polar Bear Dip patch will be theirs.

Mile Swim, BSA: This is a rugged swimming challenge for all campers and leaders who want to test their endurance.  Swimmers swim Monday – Thursday at 12:00 pm.  Participants must attend ALL the mile swim sessions.  Completion cards will be given to all who complete the challenge and a patch can be purchased at the Trading Post with proof of completion.

Fishing anyone? Scouts may go fishing with a buddy during open areas.  A favorite spot is along Tenny Point or try our fishing docks!  Want to fish from a boat?  Scouts may only fish from rowboats during troop boating or open boating times.  Fishing is not allowed off the Tenny Bridge or in the swimming or boating areas.  Wading is not allowed while fishing at any time.

Sports Activities: Want to challenge the staff to a friendly game of Frisbee or play water polo with another troop?  Volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, badminton, ultimate Frisbee or your troop's favorite sport are available to participate in during your week at camp.  Stop at the camp office to check on availability of equipment.

Chess or Cribbage? See if you are the best at Camp in these games or make a tournament of your own.  Stop by the Office to sign up.  Tournament playoff rules will be posted at Camp.  Campers will need to coordinate a time to play during open areas and report the results to the Office.

Duty To God Service: A Duty to God Scout Service will be held on Tuesday evening following dinner in the council ring.  Troops may join one of our offered services or plan something for their own troop.  If you would like to reserve a camp spot for your service, please stop by the Office.  All Camp Offices and Areas will be closed during the Service and we ask that all Scouts observe this quiet time at camp.

First Year Ice Cream Social: If this is your first year at Camp, as a Scout or Leader, don’t miss the sweetest Camp Hinds tradition ever.  Join us for some ice cream and a chance to meet the Polaris Staff on Monday evening following merit badge sessions at the dining hall. 

Scoutmaster Splash Competition: Can you handle pain?  Have a distinct style or a big cannon-ball splash?  Please join us for the Scoutmaster splash competition.  Always a popular event and back by demand!  Don’t miss the fun this year - and bring a crowd to cheer you on!!

OA Day: Members are encouraged to wear their sashes to Retreat and Dinner. Madockawanda Lodge has several programs planned.

Service Hour:
Members of the Order of the Arrow will have the opportunity to participate in the OA Service Hour each week.  On Thursday evenings, members of the OA will join with the OA staff members for a service project at camp.  Your participation will earn your troop points in the campsite inspections and all workers will receive a specially designed patch after their “cheerful service.”

Brotherhood Conversions
A brotherhood conversion ceremony will take place on Thursday nights starting at 7pm.  To be eligible, the Ordeal Member must have over 10 months of tenure as well as be a member in good standing (dues paid in full).  There will be a small fee attached to cover the cost of the Brotherhood sash. 

Waterfront Orientation: A brief, but mandatory, waterfront orientation for all campers and leaders will be held at the waterfront directly after dinner on Sunday night.  Everyone in camp must attend.

SPL Daily Meetings: A brief meeting will be held daily with the Program Director for all Senior Patrol Leaders.  Please send a Troop representative to this informative meeting if your SPL is not available.  Meetings are at 12:30 pm daily at the Rec Hall.







Theme for 2016
The theme for Camp Hinds 2016 is "Can you survive a zombie apocalypse?"  Bring your best zombie outfit for Tuesday night "Theme night" and join us at retreat and dinner in costume.  Our theme will revolve around survival skills and of course "Being Prepared".  Just as an extra little twist we will be adding a disco theme to the zombie theme.  So if you don't have a zombie costume, break out your bell bottoms, platform shoes and mad disco moves.  This will be a huge advantage in escaping zombies.  There will be lots of fun ways during the week to earn points that will aid your troop in the Friday afternoon Camp Wide Event.  You won't want to miss this fun and friendly competition on Friday afternoon.  Senior Patrol Leaders will get more information at the SPL meetings!

*Hint: Someone on staff has a very unique costume like our friend in the picture.  Be the first to tell Wayne or Eri who it is and earn an automatic 5 points for your troop toward Camp wide event!!   Or be the high score on campsite inspections for the week and earn the chance to turn the staff member of your choosing into a zombie!! 




Adult Programs

Adult Leader Training: For Scoutmasters and adult volunteers at camp.  While your Scouts are in merit badge sessions, you can attend Leaders Essential and Scoutmaster training.  All training will be provided from our Council Training staff.  No need to pre-register.  More information will be given at camp.

BSA Aquatics Supervision: Swimming & Water Rescue and BSA Paddle Craft Safety
This class covers the information needed for leaders to coordinate troop aquatic activities. These training courses are provided locally by qualified instructors who are authorized by the local council.  Training will begin on Thursday evening at 7:00pm at Main Beach.

Climb on Safely Training: Climb on Safely training will be held for any interested adults.    This training is important for any troop leaders wishing to have their youth participate in climbing activities outside of a Boy Scout camp.  The training is focused on making leaders aware of BSA climbing policies and procedures so that this information can be passed to facilitators not familiar with the BSA program.  This training is also available on-line. 

Leave No Trace: Leave No Trace is the Boy Scouts training on how to perform successful low-impact camping excursions.  The training takes 30-45 minutes and will be offered for all interested campers and leaders.  Participants will receive a card verifying their training at the end of the session.

Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense: This training is required for troops wanting to do aquatics based activities at camp, including the Tenny River Run.    Adults are encouraged to attend this important training at 12:00 on Monday at the waterfront.  No swimming is involved.  You can also take this training prior to camp online at   Please bring proof of training to camp. 

Scoutmaster Coffees and Leaders Meeting: Don’t miss your chance to sit back with the Program Director and Camp Director and learn from other Scoutmasters.  Meetings will be held Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30 a.m.  A closing informational meeting will be held on Friday morning to confirm check out and departure procedures.

Trek Safely Training: Trek on Safely is the Boy Scout training for adult leaders on how to perform safe High Adventure activities with their unit.  The training takes 30-45 minutes and will be offered for all interested adults.  This training is also available on-line.

Check the complete schedule for times, dates and locations for all leadership trainings or stop by the Office for more information.

Awards and Recognition

At Camp Hinds we want to encourage all Campers and Scoutmasters to do their best, live the Scout Law and fully participate in everything that Camp Hinds has to offer.  To encourage individual Scouts, Scoutmasters, troops, and outstanding staff, we have the following awards.  Award winners will be recognized at the closing campfire on Friday. 

Best Troop Award: Show us what your troop can do!  Many things will combine to help us decide on the honor troop of the week!  Camp inspections, participation in special events like the Zombie Disco theme, Scoutmaster Splash,  plus your score earned in the Camp Wide Event will all combine to earn you this coveted award!  More information will be given out at the Scoutmaster meeting.

Honor Camper Award: At the conclusion of the week, each troop should vote for the Scout that they feel has best lived up to the Scout Oath and Law during their week at camp.   Honor campers will be recognized during a meal time as well as at the Friday Campfire. 

Honor Scoutmaster Award:Camp Hinds wants to recognize outstanding Scoutmasters who fully participate and enjoy their week at Camp Hinds.  Information will be given out at the Sunday Scoutmaster meeting.  Do you have what it takes?

Honor Staff Member Award: Troops can recognize outstanding service in our staff by nominating a favorite staff member at the end of the week.  Keep your eyes open for some quality service!

Baden Powell Award: Can you work as a team during your week at camp?  Every patrol in camp is eligible to work towards this award which includes patrol spirit, advancement, service and living the Scout Law all week.

Paul Bunyan, Totin Chip and Firem’n Chit: All three of these awards are available at Camp for individuals or as a patrol activity.  Contact the Scoutcraft Director for open times to earn the Totin’ and Firem’n Chits at Camp this year.

World Conservation Award: Scouts can earn the World Conservation Award by completing the following merit badges: Environmental Science, Fish and Wildlife Management; or Soil and Water Conservation and Citizenship in the World.



Arrival & Departure
Scouts should arrive at the Camp Hinds parking lot (not the parking lot on Plains Road but the new one part way down the road) just prior to the gates opening at 2pm on Sunday.  Once there, troops will be greeted by their campsite guide, who will accompany the boys, parents and leaders to their campsite.  A vehicle pass will be given to each troop to enable all gear to be brought to the campsite.  Vehicles without a pass will not be allowed into camp.  Once the unloading of gear is complete, vehicles need to be moved back to the parking lot.  Each troop is allowed a trailer with gear to remain in the campsite. 

After unloading is complete, and the vehicles are parked, the campsite guide will accompany the boys on a tour of camp and to the Health Lodge for a medical check-in.  All medications must be checked in at the Health Lodge at this time.  As a reminder, it would be prudent for leaders to have copies of all medical forms in the event some are missing.  Once the boys and leaders have completed their medical check-ins, they will be given identifying armbands that they are to wear for the duration of their week stay.

Following the medical checks, buddy tags will be given and all must complete their swim test followed by time to get settled into your campsite.  A brief waterfront orientation, mandatory for all, will follow the evening meal on Sunday.

On Friday, the camp gathers for a sit down lunch, highlighted by the traditional plaque hanging ceremony in the dining hall.  Following lunch there is some time to begin the process of packing and cleaning the campsites before the camp wide event & Camp Hinds Triathlon (which will end at approximately 4:30pm)! Starting at 5pm, parents and guardians should begin to arrive and join us for our closing retreat, BBQ & Friday Night Campfire!  Bring the family for an evening of fun for all!

Please note: given the large amount of pedestrian traffic, only one troop vehicle will be allowed in each campsite to haul out troop and personal gear.  Vehicle passes will be issues to Scoutmasters on Friday.

Dining Hall & Meals Overview
Meals are prepared by our kitchen staff and served in the dining hall.  The camp menu has been dietician approved to ensure that properly balanced meals are being served to the growing young men that visit Camp Hinds each summer.  A copy of the camp menu will be posted in the dining hall.

Troops are assigned tables at the dining hall on Sunday by the Dining Hall Steward based on the number of people in your troop, including adult leadership.  During large weeks while most of our troops will eat indoors, some will be assigned tables at the outside dining deck.  Tables are set to hold eight or nine people.  Troops are strongly encouraged to assign one adult leader to each table.

The Waiter System
The waiter system is used at camp during the family style meals to help facilitate the serving and cleanup of the meals.  Each troop needs to assign waiters, one per table assigned to the troop, for breakfast, dinner and lunch Friday!

All waiters are responsible for arriving at the dining hall 20 minutes before dinner.  The Dining Hall Steward will instruct waiters in setting the tables for the meal being served.  Waiters are the only Scouts allowed to be up during the meal to get seconds and desserts from the kitchen.  

Waiters are also responsible for staying after the meal to clear their tables and sweep the floor.  The Dining Hall Steward will dismiss them from their duties when he or she feels the hall has been properly cleaned.

Cafeteria Style Lunch (M->R)
While breakfast, dinner and lunch on Friday is “family style”, during lunch on Monday through Thursday we change things up (just a bit) to provide a more relaxed and convenient lunch break.  We will be serving lunch from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm.  Scoutmasters can decide if they want their troop to eat together, by patrol or with the buddy system.  You may choose to eat inside or outside on the picnic tables.  A self-serve salad/fruit bar will be available as well as your entree (no worries, we would never forget the dessert at lunch!) at the window.

Troop Cooking
All troops will be cooking Wednesday night dinner in their campsite!  The kitchen will provide a variety of ingredients, to be announced at the Leaders Meeting, that troops can cook according to their own personal taste and cooking techniques.  As a note, troops will need to provide a majority of their utensils and cookware.  Camp will have a limited amount of cooking equipment available at the camp room.  The Wednesday Night meal options will be posted at in early May!  Troops who don’t want to use pots and pans should consider doing foil dinners.

If your troop is interested in doing more troop cooking in your campsite, arrangements may be made through the Camp Office for in camp meals and through the Camp Director for Outpost trips.

Special Diets
Arrangements can be made with the cook for those with special dietary concerns (religious or health based).  Please contact the camp at least one week prior to your arrival at camp for special diets so that arrangements can be made and food can be ordered.

Friday BBQ and Parents Night
Parents and Family are invited to attend the Friday evening activities, including retreat, BBQ, and closing campfire.  Flag ceremony and retreat begin at 5:45 p.m followed by dinner at 6 p.m.  Please stay and attend the Friday closing campfire with your Scout!  It’s the culmination for what is the highlight of their summer!  The staff, and even some Scouts, will be putting on a show for all of our visitors that your Scout will not want to miss!

BBQ Tickets are available for purchase at the Trading Post starting on Sunday.  Tickets must be purchased by noon on Tuesday to allow time for ordering food.  The meal will be hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixing’s (Vegetarian options will be available)!  Campers do not need to purchase tickets.  The tickets are $8.00 per person/$5.00 for guests under 12. In the event of "liquid sunshine", activities may be moved inside and dining times will be assigned to campsites. 





Adult Leadership in Camp
Every troop is required to have a MINIMUM of TWO LEADERS IN CAMP AT ALL TIMES!  One MUST be 21 Years or Older and One 18+.

If your troop is having problems securing two-deep leadership for your week at camp, you should consider sharing a campsite with another troop.  Arrangements for this can be done through Camp Director.

The troop is responsible for providing adult leadership for its Scouts.  Discipline problems are the responsibility of the Troops leadership, with help from the camp staff when necessary.  Feel free to contact the Camp Director with any concerns while in camp.  Leaders are responsible for making sure their Scouts receive their medications.  Notices will be sent to Scoutmasters for any Scouts consistently missing their medication distribution times.

Looking to Get Involved?
Do you want to take a more active role (either before, during, or after) at Camp Hinds this summer?  We would love to hear from you!  Get in touch with the Camp Director to let him know.

Leader & SPL Meetings

Camp Hinds 2016 Program Kickoff!

We strongly encourage Scoutmasters and Senior Patrol Leaderss to join us Saturday, January 16, 2016 at the Pilgrim House in Brunswick for our official Camp Program Kickoff.  We will be discussing all of the camp program offerings through Pine Tree Council, BSA at this time.  You may also attend your district roundtables for Camp Program Kickoff information or the University of Scouting on March 12.  Watch for these and other dates in Pine Spills.

Pre-Camp Scoutmaster & SPL Meeting
There will be a meeting for all Scoutmasters on Wednesday, 12 days before your arrival, at 7:00pm at Tabor Retreat.  Meeting for 2016 will be: Week 1 - June 29th, Week 2 - July 6, Week 3 - July 13th, Week 4 - July 20, Week 5 - July 27, Week 6 - Aug 3rd.  The meeting will focus on what’s new for 2016 and will include a question and answer session.  Following the meeting Scoutmasters may drop of medical forms at the health lodge and do schedule updates at the office for their Scouts.

There is no meeting at 1PM on Sunday for Scoutmasters this year!

SPL Council and Scoutmaster’s Coffee
All SPL’s will meet daily with the Program Director at 12:30 pm inside the Rec Hall.  If the SPL is not available, please send a representative. 

Scoutmaster's Coffee
Troop Leaders are invited to meet with camp leadership at the Dining Hall on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am.  A brief meeting to discuss check out procedures will be held on Friday morning at 9:30am.

Handicapped Information
Camp Hinds aims to make our program available to All Campers.  If you have a person with a disability that may require special attention, auxiliary aids or any reasonable accommodations, please contact the Camp Director at least two weeks prior to your stay at Camp Hinds.
Emergency Procedures
Camp Hinds has long established procedures recommended by the BSA for lost campers, lost swimmers, fires and severe storms.  We use a siren as a warning device if and when it becomes necessary to call the camp together.  When you hear the siren, all campers, leaders, and guests are to report immediately to the council ring.  Please move quickly, but no running.  The Scoutmaster needs to take a head count and report “Troop # all present” or “Troop # is missing # Scouts” as the Camp Director takes a Troop roll call.  The staff may have different roles depending on the nature of the emergency.

Because of the many recent mass shooting events around the country, Camp Hinds has added an active shooter/disperse drill to our emergency procedures.  This is a different response to the alarm described above and being mindful of the difference is vital.  You will receive official emergency procedure when you enter camp, they are posted on your campsite board.  We will have a drill within the first 24 hours and at that time we will discuss the two types of alarms *gather and *disperse and listen to both so that leaders and boys can differentiate between the two.  Staff will be well informed as to how to respond to these drills and what action to take to ensure the safety of all. 

In the case of a severe storm warning staff will be informed via the camp radio system.  At the sound of air horns, all Scouts, leaders, and staff will seek shelter in the Rec Hall, the Dining Hall, Cadigan Lodge, Bates Cabin, or the Training Center depending on their location. A roll call will be taken.   The camp will be dismissed once an all clear has been given.

Camp Hinds has written agreements with local fire, police and medical departments to provide Camp Hinds with the necessary coverage for any emergency.

Further information on the emergency procedures to be followed while in camp can be found posted in each campsite for review by all Campers and Leaders in camp.

Campsite Information
Each troop site has two-man tents on platforms for all of our Scouts and Leaders.  Bunks with mattresses or cots, picnic tables with tarps, water buckets, a flagpole and a bulletin board are also provided in each campsite.

Troops are encouraged to spruce up their campsite with troop flags or banners, cooking equipment and lanterns.  Troops may want to bring along sports equipment, paper products, water jugs and campsite games.

Campsite Etiquette & Quiet Hours
Getting enough sleep can make a difference between having a great or poor week at camp!  Camp Leaders should see that their Scouts are in the campsite by 9pm and that quiet hours are observed from 9:30pm-7am.  A siesta is scheduled for rest time everyday directly following lunch.  Everyone should show respect for others within the campsites, by following the quiet hours, assisting with campsites and general camp cleanliness by following the Scout Law.

Campsite Inspection
Camp Commissioners will inspect each campsite on a daily basis for cleanliness, safety, conservation, organization and Scout spirit!  Troop Inspection Sheets are posted in each campsite.  Can your Troop have the best site in camp?  The top troops will be recognized in front of their peers!

Campsite Supplies & Fire Protection
A broom, shovel, rakes, fire buckets and a water hose will be kept in each campsite. Commissioners will check daily to see if the camp equipment is there.  Equipment that is lost or broken due to misuse will be charged to the unit. There is no need to bring this equipment back to the camp room at the end of the week.

Please use care around the campfires in your sites.  Only established campfire rings may be used in camp for fires.  No liquid fuel may be used to start any fires.  No open flames, of any type, are permitted around or in any tent.  Full fire buckets are required around your campfire ring.  Troops need to fill out and follow the posted Troop Fire Guard Plan found on the bulletin board in your campsite.  Hot showers, with individual shower stalls, are available for all campers and leaders.  Latrines with toilets and hand-washing facilities are found in each campsite.

The Camp Room
The camp room is located next to the camp office.  Toilet paper, cleaning supplies and extra fire buckets are available at the camp room.  A limited supply of cooking equipment and American Flags are also available for units to check out.

The camp room will be open daily at 8:00am.  Please try to send a representative of your campsite during this time.  If supplies are needed in an emergency basis, please check with the camp office

Camp Good Turns
A Scout is helpful and clean!  Each day troops are asked to assist in keeping camp clean with a rotating schedule of good turns.  Good turns should be done directly after breakfast.  Schedules of good turns are posted in camp.

Donations & Camp Projects
We encourage troops to contact Camp Director during the off-season, in order to find out what camp needs for help and equipment.  Troops are always welcome to perform a small service project for camp such as building erosion walls and brush removal.

Madockawanda Lodge - Order of the Arrow
Service Hour
Members of the Order of the Arrow will have the opportunity to participate in the OA Service Hour each week.  On Thursday evenings, members of the OA will join with the OA staff members for a service project at camp.  Your participation will earn your troop points in the campsite inspections and all workers will receive a specially designed patch after their “cheerful service.”

Brotherhood Conversions
A brotherhood conversion ceremony will take place on Thursday nights starting at 7pm.  To be eligible, the Ordeal Member must have over 10 months of tenure as well as be a member in good standing (dues paid in full).  There will be a small fee attached to cover the cost of the Brotherhood sash.

Venturing Day
Mondays at Camp Hinds will be dedicated to Scouting’s older youth co-ed program called Venturing.  We encourage all venturers attending camp to wearing their favorite Class “B” venturing shirt and their venturing uniform to retreat and dinner.  Camp will host a special event in the evening to talk about the exciting program opportunities that Venturing offers.
Camp Hinds has a long established tradition of wearing uniforms in camp.  Our staff is in uniform at all times, unless their job requires something else.  We encourage all of our Scouts and Leader to proudly wear the Class A Scout Uniform every evening for retreat and the dinner meal.  The 2016 camp t-shirt, hats, etc. will be available in the Trading Post for those that would like to purchase them.
Troop Photos & Photo Release Form
A professional photographer will be in camp on Tuesdays to take troop photos before and after lunch for those units wanting them.  Photos are colored 8 x 10’s.  The cost for each photograph will be $10.00.  A troop photo order form will be given to each troop at camp.  Money needs to be collected and turned in with the order form to the Trading Post by noon on Tuesday. Troops will receive their photos at the Friday night campfire.

Pictures may be taken in camp to be used by Pine Tree Council for advertising, marketing or to highlight our programs.

The Trading Post
Camp Hinds operates a trading post, like a general store.  The trading post offers camp t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, postcards and stamps, souvenir items, candy, soda and toiletries.  We also offer camping equipment like flashlights, insect repellent, jackknives and much more!  The amount of money that each Scout bring is an individual matter and should be determined by the Scout and his parents.  Generally speaking, $40.00 is plenty for a weeks stay.

BBQ Tickets are available for purchase at the Trading Post starting on Sunday.  Tickets must be purchased by noon on Tuesday to allow time for ordering food.  Campers do not need to purchase tickets.  The tickets are $8.00 per person/$5.00 for guests under 12.

Visitors & Siblings
Visitors are welcome in camp, but please understand that everybody is on a busy schedule and Scout prone to homesickness may do better without visitors.  All visitors must sign in and out at the camp office.  Remember that the camp facilities are primarily for the use of campers and leaders.  Visitors must purchase tickets for meals, which are available in the trading post. Visitors should limit their visits to dinner & “open area” time immediately following dinner. We ask that all visitors sign out before 9pm.

Due to insurance issues, limited space requirements and program needs, younger or older siblings of Scouts are not allowed to stay overnight in camp, even if their parents are Scout leaders in the campsite.  They may come as an occasional guest to visit during the week. Program activities are open for Scouts and leaders only unless advertised as a family event - such as the Friday night Campfire & BBQ.  Please be aware, there may be some children of the staff that live in the camp for the summer.

The following items should be packed in a locked footlocker, tote or duffle bag:
Personal Gear
Scout Uniform (and extra parts)
Scout hat
Extra pants, shirts, socks
Extra underwear
Extra towels
Extra shoes
Rain gear
Water bottle
Sleeping bag or blankets
Swim suit
Cook kit with knife, fork, spoon
Flashlight with extra batteries
Jacket or sweater
Toilet articles (No sprays please)
Photocopy of medical form
Scout handbook
Paper & pens/pencils for MB work
Optional Personal Gear
Backpack for hikes or overnights
OA sash
Pocket knife
Money for trading post
Insect repellent (NO sprays please)
Laundry bag
Fishing gear
Sun tan lotion
Stationery & stamps
Bible or prayer book
Musical Instrument
Sports equipment (gloves, etc)
See Merit Badge Prerequisites for other
items needed for your merit badges
Leave at Home
Pets, sheath knives, fireworks, firearms, ammunition, bows & arrows, radios, CD players, televisions, walkmans, electronic games, cell phones, squirt guns, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs.  Other valuables should be left at home. Persons under 18 may not have vehicles in camp without prior written approval of the Camp Director.
Troop Gear
Pots and pans, dutch oven, chef kit (for Wed Dinner)
Troop flags, Patrol flags
Dependable alarm clock
Photocopies of all medicals
Optional Troop Gear
Cook stove
Woods tools
Paper/plastic plates, cups, utensils
Wheel barrow or garden cart
Sports equipment

Last Update: March 11, 2016