Fees, Campsite Reservations, and Camperships
Save $35
Second Week Discount:
If you are coming for a 2nd week of camp, your first week is the price above and your second week is $35.00 less (whether it’s with your troop or provisional).

Sibling Discount: 
Have a second Scout coming to camp?  The first Scout pays the price above and the second sibling pays $35.00 less (whether it’s with your troop or provisional).

Special Program Fees
  • The cost of the SCUBA Program is a flat $405.00 in addition to the camp fees listed above.
Adult Leader Fees
Two adults are free with the first eight (8) boys! One additional adult goes free for each additional eight boys.  Extra adult leaders are charge $110.00 per week.  The adult fee will be prorated according to the number of Scouts attending at $22.00 per day.
Campsite Reservation Policy
To reserve a troop campsite, the reservation fee is $10.00 per person (Scouts and leaders)  An additional $25.00 per Scout is due by April 1, 2020. Reservations can be made through the Pine Tree Council at 207-797-5252. Camp space is limited so reserve early!

When making reservations, troops are asked to reserve a site that fits the size of the troop.  We do reserve the right to change your site if:
1- You out-grow the site you have selected
2- If you have selected a campsite that is larger than you need and a larger troop needs that site.
         Troops selecting sites larger than their troop can expect to share the site with other troops.
         A campsite will be considered “open” if there are enough empty patrol sites to accommodate your troop.

Campsite Sizes

Baden-Powell – Max 28 MacMillan – Max 34 Siple – Max 20 (CIT)
Bailey – Max 48 Maguire – Max 32 Stimson – Max 40
Brownsea – Max 56  Patrick – Max 36  Tenny – Max 32
Byrd – Max 32 Pershing – Max 42 West – Max 22
Dan Beard – Max 22 Ridgway – Max 50 Wilderness – Max 36 (Provo)

How to make a campsite deposit
To reserve a campsite the troop needs to make a deposit of $10.00 per person (Scouts and leaders).  To make the deposit either stop in the council service center, call Tammy (207) 797-5252 Ext 10 with a credit card or mail in the Campsite Reservation form with a check.  When you settle your account, you may use the deposit towards camper fees or roll it over to reserve a campsite for the following year.

When to reserve for 2020
A troop may reserve any open campsite on a first come first serve basis by making a campsite deposit.  Troops planning on paying by check, may call Tammy to request an open campsite.  That site will be held for 4 business days while your check is enroute.  If the check does not arrive within that time, the reservation will be cancelled.

When to reserve for 2021
Troops in camp in 2020 will have until 5:00pm Thursday to make a deposit for the same campsite and same week for 2021.  Starting on Friday, any troop may make a deposit on any open site.

Settle Your Account
A representative of each troop is asked to check-in with the Camp Director to settle your account before noon on Thursday.  Please bring cash or a check to pay off your balance due.  Camp patches will be issued when your troop is paid in full.

Refund Policy
Individuals or groups that cancel a program reservation 30 days prior to the date of the event will receive a full refund.  Any thing between 2 weeks and 30 days is 50% refund. Within 2 weeks of the event refund is at the discretion of the event coordinator or staff adviser and is usually only granted in cases of emergency unless otherwise stated.

Any exception to this policy will need a written request with documentation (i.e. a Scout broke his leg, we would need documentation from a physician) for a refund to be considered.


Pine Tree Council Camperships

Application deadline is March 15th, 2020! 

Limited financial assistance, usually a portion of the camp fee, is available on an individual basis for Scouts who could not attend camp without assistance.  Applications must be submitted and approved by the unit leader and the Pine Tree Council Campership Committee.  Applications are available through Pine Tree Council at (207) 797-5252 or at www.pinetreebsa.org!

Order of the Arrow Camperships

Madockawanda Lodge offers two camperships to deserving Scouts through the Lenny Niman Memorial Campership Program.  Applications are due March 15th, 2020 and are available in this guide or your OA Chapter.

Download PDF of Order of the Arow Campership Form

Note on Camperships to Scoutmasters

Camperships should be reserved for those that truly need financial assistance. Scoutmasters need to sign off on the campership forms and must be submitted entirely completed.

Camp Hinds Alumni and Friends

This group offers two camperships for Scouts wishing to return for a second week.  Scouts interested should write a short essay as to why they should go to camp for a second week and mail it to: 
 Camp Hinds Alumni and Friends 
 35 Longmeadow Road
 Scarborough, ME 04074.

MSC Campership Program

In support of the ideals of the Worldwide Scouting Movement and in order to promote wilderness camping experiences, Troop 160 Memorial Scout Camp has established the MSC Campership Program. This program makes camperships available to any Scout upon the recommendation of his/her Scout group leader.  At this time, we have established three memorial camperships to be awarded annually.  The 2020 Application Period will end on April 1, 2020.  More information at: http://www.memorialscoutcamp.org/msc-campership-program.html

Last Update: February 27, 2020