BSA Lifeguard
Full Week-All Afternoon Program | Age 15+ (and adults)
Offered Every Week
Some evening time may be required.
The BSA lifeguard is an intensive program led by our aquatics team at Hinds. Its greatest purpose is to educate older Scouts and adults giving them the skills necessary to be a certified lifeguard for BSA activities. The outcome of this program will give them a certification that is good for 2 years that will enable them to operate as a lifeguard at scouting camps and aquatic events, and can also be accepted by some public/private beaches, camps and YMCA’s.
Prerequisites: Scouts and adults in this program must be outstanding swimmers; a little boating experience is preferred but not required. Youth need to have Swimming, Lifesaving and First Aid merit badges. Adults will need to contact Hinds prior to sign up for approval for this program, additionally they will be charged the “extra leader” fee of $110.00 as they will not be available to oversee their troop.

Space is limited so applicants that send in registration will be accepted first.  This program is open to Scouts and leaders staying with their own troop or staying with our provisional unit.

Program Overview: This is an intensive program that will run all week and involve the candidate for most of the camp week, including evenings.  Scouts will learn multiple rescue techniques including rescue from a watercraft, swimming extension rescue, active drowning rescue, passive drowning rescue, and submerged victim rescue. Course also covers long shallow diving, stride jumping, compact jump and defense, grip escapes, and back boarding procedures.  Students will need to pass a written exam on theory and knowledge showing an understanding of aquatics programs and emergency management skills.  Scouts will serve as a lifeguard at 2 or more aquatic events during the week.

Note: This course covers some first aid and CPR but in order for your certification to be valid, you must hold current certification in CPR. We encourage participants to attend a class offered by the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross or the National Safely Council prior to camp.

Last Update: February 29, 2020